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FuturePOS & Handhelds   FuturePOS & Handhelds
Waitrons spend up to 10% of their time walking to POS terminals and waiting in line. With FuturePOS Handhelds, ordering and billing can take place at the table itself. Credit card transactions can be authorised with a snap-on swipe, and authorisation slips can be printed on a wireless "belt" printer.
Online Ordering   Online Ordering
With our online ordering option, you can avoid the hassle of manually handling phone-in orders and increase your “To Go” sales performance. We will design a professional and state-of-the-art web site that reflects your menu and business style, allowing customers to shop, order and pay on-line. Your customer’s online order is securely registered in your store's POS System and instantly sent to your kitchen printer.
Using FuturePOS's built in Surveillance Module and an ordinary web camera, you can effectively protect your business from fraud and theft. FuturePOS can monitor your business with event-driven video and real time surveillance, and also write a log file of all your video activity.
Fingerprint identification   Fingerprint identification
Eliminate the possibility of worker fraud using our cutting-edge fingerprint identification option, which secures access to POS terminals for clocking in and out, performing voids, etc. This ensures that only managers have access to manager functions.
Enterprise/ Above-store Reporting   Enterprise/ Above-store Reporting
Control multiple business locations from a single site with our FuturePOS Enterprise software. With this option, you can analyse and share resources for various businesses from a central location. For example, stores using Enterprise can share customer information, gift certificates, sale information, items, buttons, menus, and more. Not only does Enterprise provide centralised reporting, updating, and administration, but it is interfaced to WhenToManage – which gives you even more above-store reporting capabilities.
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