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Multi-Column Modifiers
Reduce ordering time with our fast, simple, and customisable multi-column modifiers. Every option for an item can be found in one modifier window. No need to click from screen to screen or search for buttons on different menus!

Labour Scheduling
Schedule staff for multiple jobs by pay period using the advanced Labour Scheduling feature. Not only can you schedule an employee's shifts, but you can enter their leave days and record days off. Graphical coloured bars show when employees are not available for shifts. Schedules can be printed out and displayed for employees to see, and employees can also print their own schedule from any POS terminal to the local receipt printer. The system calculates hours worked and gross pay, so management can easily forecast the labour cost for a scheduled period.

multi-column Modifiers

Labour Scheduling


Need it customised?
With FuturePOS there’s no standardisation. Literally start with a blank sheet of paper, then draw out how you want your screens design, FuturePOS is that flexible! Each screen layout is different, because the order entry screen is totally flexible and configurable to your needs. We programme your menu screen to generate the most efficient layout for your type of business, which means that you spend less time training your staff. Screens can be created for different staff (bar tenders, waitrons, managers), while buttons can be created in various sizes, colours, fonts, and with or without graphics.

FuturePOS software fits any restaurant application – from fine dining to pizza delivery. We strongly urge you to compare our ability to customise menus with the competition.

Sophisticated Web-based Functionality
FuturePOS’s sophisticated web-based functionality means that owners have access to:
• A variety of integrated tracking and reporting options from one central server
• Live, online reporting, with the ability to consolidate information from multiple branches, so there is no need to wait for ‘day end’ or monthly reports
• Restrictable user access to all functionality and reporting

Powerful Microsoft SQL™
FuturePOS’s incredible functionality is enhanced by a fast and reliable database. Run on a Microsoft SQL™ platform, which is the new industry standard, the database features excellent security, easy integration to third party applications, and cutting-edge business intelligence tools – putting you in control of your business.

Menu Maintenance
With our unique Graphical User Interface, you can manipulate your menu to suit your changing needs. We utilise the latest Microsoft technologies to bring you a product that the average operator can actually use. While other products are still using decades-old technology, FuturePOS is reinvesting and reinventing its products constantly to give you a modern, functional user interface.

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